The Library of the University of Glasgow is one of the great libraries of the scholarly world, having its origins in the 15th century, and the Friends of Glasgow University Library (formed in 1975) aim to support and promote it in every way they can (and enjoy themselves in doing so!). FGUL is a registered charity, number SCO6553.

Firstly the Friends aim to support the Library & Archives in the acquisition of rare books, manuscripts, collections of papers and photographs as and when such come on to the market – which often enough is at short notice. In such circumstances it is particularly helpful to the Library to have access to funds that may be made available immediately. You can read more about our role in acquisitions.

The Friends also assist in the purchase of specialist equipment such as software for digital mapping and on-line bibliographies. We contribute to digitisation projects and to the conservation of historic books and documents.

12 - 105 Friends of the Library 020The Friends help promote the Library in its wider role of public engagement and support public events, exhibitions and new publications. An annual series of public Talks and Events is sponsored by the Friends. The Friends have published the first fully illustrated account of the Library, The University of Glasgow Library: Friendly Shelves, now on sale world-wide.

We actively seek donations (including legacies) for this work. As a registered charity the Friends can benefit by the tax concessions available on donations and bequests made to it.

Please support this good work… and be a Friend.

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